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Cape Town Plumbing Leak Detection

cape town plumber leak detection pipeLeak detection using thermal imaging:

When using our thermal imaging equipment, we try to detect differences in the surface temperature to help pinpoint the problem.  So for example if there was a leak on a hot water pipe concealed in a wall, our thermal imaging camera will show the general area where the surface temperature of the wall was higher due to the heat the leaking pipe is generating. The same would be true for leaks on a cold water line since the water is generally colder than the surrounding surface.

Leak Detection – Audio tests:

Once the general area has been identified through the use of our thermal imaging leak detection equipment, our plumbers will often perform and audio test. By using a highly sensitive microphone in the audio test equipment we are able to hear the sound that the leak makes and use that to pinpoint the leak.

Leak Detection – Gas test:

Some leaks cannot be located by using the thermal/audio machines. In those instances we inject a non-toxic gas into the pipe. The gas, being lighter than air will escape from the leaking area and spread throughout the ground / walls and rise to the surface. Our sensitive gas detection device (snooper) is then able to pick up the ‘scent’ and identify the approximate location of the leak.

Leak Detection – Dye tests:

Dye tests are often used for leaking waste pipes and leaking shower floors. If there is a leak in the area the dye will come through and reveal its location.

Fixing leaking pipes

When fixing leaking pipes we often have to expose the area where the leak has been identified by means of leak detection. This usually means that we have to often break open walls, shower floors, concrete floor or tiles in order to fix the leak. When strongly recommend that when we have fixed the leaking pipe you leave it for three days to make sure that the leak has been properly fixed before getting in a contractor in to plaster, tile, paint etc. Please note that generally speaking when fixing leaking pipes we do not repair, plaster, paint the areas that needed to be exposed to fix the leak. It is also essential that the client be aware that in most cases matching of existing tiles, flooring and cupboard finishes are impossible because the ranges and styles change frequently.

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